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Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama

The Area

The house is located in downtown Hood River. The easiest way to get to the shops and restaurants is to take the stairs located across the street, just to the right of the church. In town, you will find clothing boutiques, art galleries, sporting goods stores, two movie theaters, three breweries and many restaurants.

If you want to check out the river, we recommend the 10 minute walk (over the highway down 2nd street) to the Hood River Event Site (watch the windsurfers and kiteboarders) and the Hood River Waterfront Park (swimming beach). If you keep walking West another 1/2 mile, you can go to The Hook with even prettier river views. There is another beach at Port Marina Park that you can get to by walking East over a pedestrian bridge just after crossing the highway.

If you are missing that Stairmaster workout, we have the solution for you! Walk 100 yards down the street (going right when exiting the driveway) and you will see a very intimidating set of stairs heading up the hill. The first street you reach is Hazel Ave. If you take a left onto Hazel and follow it for 0.3 miles, you will reach the trailhead of the Indian Creek Trail...follow this easy 1.3 mile trail and see the Hood River from high above and a 100 year old wooden water flue that was used to pipe water from a reservoir to the fruit packing houses in town. If instead of turning onto Hazel Ave, you keep going up more stairs, you will eventually reach Montello Ave. Keep walking on residential streets up the hill and head West to pick up Indian Creek Trail at the top of 7th St. As an alternative, you can walk down Pine St and reward yourself with a latte and pastry when you reach Pine Street Bakery

If you need to do some grocery shopping, we recommend going to Rosauers Supermarket which is located a short 1.3 mile drive South from the house. It has organic produce, lots of ready for the grill meat and fish, and an entire natural foods market. 

If you are looking for more general purchases, go to Walmart just 1.3 miles West of the house. 

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