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In The House

Front Door Lock - From outside the house, type your 4 digit code to lock or unlock the door. From inside the house, turn the deadbolt to lock or unlock the door. Watch the instructional video here

Thermostats - There are three thermostats in the house. 1) main house, 2) game room, 3) large bedroom upstairs. Use your finger to drag the temperature setting on the right side to the desired set point. The orange number controls the heat, while the blue number controls the air conditioning. Watch the instructional video here.


Bedding – If you need bedding for orange the pull-out couch, it is in the large walk-in closet upstairs.


TVs & Amazon Fire - Each Samsung TV and Amazon Fire box have their own dedicated remote controls (labels on back). To watch TV, ensure the "input" is set to HDMI1. Press the "home" button on the Amazon Fire remote, then navigate left-right or up-down to various video and movie options. We are subscribed to HBO, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu. If you choose a show from a different service, you might have to sign in using your own account. Watch the instructional video hereThere is also a DVD player in the living room (small black box under the TV) along with movies and board games in the small dresser below it.

Video Games – There are a Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 64 in the game room. You will have to set the TV “input” to the correct setting. Controllers and games are inside the coffee table in the room. Note that if some of the controllers are not functioning, they might need new batteries.

Amazon Tap - Feel free to take the Tap anywhere in the house, but please put it back in its charging cradle before leaving. Turn it on by pressing the button on the bottom. Talk to "Alexa" by pressing the microphone button on the side. You can pair your phone with bluetooth by asking it to "pair my phone" or just listen to streaming music by asking it to "play The Rolling Stones", "play Top 40" or "play the news". Watch the instructional video here.  

iPad Air- Feel free to use the iPad anywhere in the house, but please plug it back into its charging cord before leaving. We are subscribed to the New York Time and Wall Street Journal. There are other newspapers and useful apps loaded on the iPad. The system is locked down, so you won't be able to add new apps :(

Making Coffee with the Cappuccino Machine & Coffee Grinder - Check that the water reservoir in the back of the cappuccino machine is full and the drain tank (on the bottom) is empty. Turn on the machine and then remove the portafilter (coffee holder with handle) by rotating it left. Insert it into the grinder. Rotate the top of the grinder to a size of ~0 - espresso (exact setting depends on coffee bean type). Set the grinder time to ~7 sec by rotating the small knob. Press the knob to grind/dispense coffee into the portafilter. It will stop automatically after the selected stop it early, press it again. Once the in the portafilter is heaping, firmly tamp it down using the tamper that magnetically detaches from the cappuccino machine. Put the portafilter back into the machine and press the "two shot" button on the machine. The pressure dial should be in the solid grey area while dispensing coffee. If pressure is too low that means you ground the coffee too coarsely or didn't put enough coffee in the portafilter. If the pressure is too high, that means you ground the coffee too finely or packed too much coffee into the portafilter. Next, fill the stainless milk container half way with milk. Twist the steam dial on the right of the machine counter-clockwise to "steam" and insert the steam wand into the milk once the steam is robust. Tilt the wand so you can hear a small amount of air being injected into the milk. Once the outside of the milk container is too hot to touch, turn off the steam by twisting the steam dial. Be sure to clean the steam wand with a wet towel and then dispensing some steam. You can read the grinder manual here and espresso machine manual here. Watch the instructional video here


Hot Water for Tea or Americano with the Cappuccino Machine Check that the water reservoir in the back of the cappuccino machine is full and the drain tank (on the bottom) is empty. Turn on the machine. Twist the steam dial on the right of the machine clockwise to "hot water". You will get boiling water coming out the bottom of the machine water spout.

Dishwasher - It is recommended that you use the ProWash cycle which senses dirt and automatically adjusts wash time, temperature and drying. There should be dishwasher detergent tablets under the kitchen sink. You can read the manual here.

Washer/Dryer - The large front loading washer and dryer are in the downstairs bedroom closet. There should be detergent tablets in the bins next to the washer. Please empty the dryer screen after every use. You can read the washer manual here, and the dryer manual here.


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