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About Us

We moved to Oregon from the East Coast in 2003. Since then, our family of 5 has enjoyed all the outdoor activities that Oregon has to offer. In 2016 we decided to sell our fractional ownership in a Government Camp condo and get something in Hood River where we could enjoy not only the nearby skiing, but also everything that the Columbia Gorge has to offer.  

When we saw this 1910 house, we thought it was really cool but probably required more work than we wanted to tackle. Despite our apprehensions and the attraction of purchasing a nearby condo less than 10 years old, the downtown location and views won us over. That, and the lack of heat, peeling paint, titling floors and rusting hot water heaters. After 6+ months of spending every weekend and holiday working on the property, we finally got it to where it was ready to use and rent.

Now you can join us in enjoying Hood River Vista!!!

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