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Garbage & Recycling

Recycling cans & bottlesYou are lucky enough to be in Oregon, the only state with a 10 cent deposit/return. This means that you can get $0.10 back for returning any beer, soda or water container (aluminum, glass or plastic bottles & cans) to a local supermarket. I would recommend going to Rosauers since they are not only the best supermarket in town, but have the fastest recycling machines (exterior entrance on the right side of building).

Glass wine & liquor bottles – Small red bin in the carport.

Recyclables – Large blue bin in the carport. Please use this for paper, cardboard (please crush boxes to minimize space), plastics (bottles, jugs, tubs, buckets) and metals. Avoid putting used pizza boxes or other dirty food containers in recycling.

Garbage – Large black bin in the carport to be used for everything else. Please crush bulky items to minimize space.

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